Are the Girls a Crock? The dust is settling.

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The dust is settling.

I found these 3 different blog posts to be VERY interesting. If it sound too good to be true…. If it sounds like a get rich quick type of deal… If it smells like a duck… Well, you know where I’m going with this. There are very devious programmers out there. I REALLY HOPE That this was legit. I’ve been called a pollyanna among other things…

Here are some quotes from the latest blog entries:

One of the “girls” has apparently quit. Quit? Already?

One thing is certain 800,000 fans (I finish this post) has only resulted in 100+ Twitter followers. Maybe it is because they’re auto-publishing their Facebook statuses to Twitter?

Statistically, if you have over 800,000 Facebook Fans, You should at least have 1% on twitter?? Maybe not I guess. I have found in my experience that there is a FB/Twitter to Fan/Follow ratio of 6-4.

These are quick reads about the CrockPotGirls instant success. Let me know your thoughts.



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  1. posted by Blendra on Sep 2, 2011

    Nice site, crock pot guys, if only my husband cooked. (;

    I’ve written a few blog posts myself on those crock pot girls:


    • posted by Gregg on Sep 2, 2011

      Great write ups. Thanks for visiting. Get your husband to cook. It’s soo easy with this stuff. He may find that he will take over the kitchen.


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