Crock Pot Guys 1.5

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Crock Pot Guys 1.5

We’ve upgradedĀ  our Facebook Fan page. Please give us a visit on Facebook and see how easy it is to submit and find a recipe. Now you can easily navigate and perform a search for that hard to find recipe. When you submit a recipe, it will simultaneously be displayed on our website. When viewing a recipe on, you can rate your favorite recipe and use our easy, printer friendly link, to save for your kitchen files.

We’ve also upgraded our mobile version of our website for quicker downloads and making it easier to find and read your recipes. We have a few minor adjustments to go on the mobile version. We know you love the crock pot but please, don’t drive while surfing our site with your phone. šŸ˜‰ We hope you enjoy the upgrades. Please consider suggesting our site to your friends and have fun.


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