Open letter to the Crock Pot Girls

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Open Letter to the Crock Pot Girls….

My name is Gregg. My wife told me about the Crock Pot Girls when they had 200k or something fans. My instant reaction, in jest mind you, “What about one for the guys??” Being a web designer and programmer, I found that the domain was available and Just placed this all up online. It just so happens that we ARE a crock pot family with 3 small ones at home. And I DO have buddies that share recipes with each other.

We thought we needed representation and created Crock Pot Guys. Sharing ideas from a guy’s point of view. We welcome your recipes and ideas for cooking as well.

We are NOT affiliated with the Crock Pot Girls. In fact, they banned us from their fan page. I posted 3 links to our page. TRHEE, with the quote “Hey, Guys Cook Too!” We’re just having some fun! They had 500,000 fans at that time and we had 100. LOL We were banned. I thought this was social media? Didn’t Mark Zuckerberg create Facebook to connect and share? It wasn’t like we were stealing fans. People can like more than one thing. It isn’t and wasn’t a contest.

You know there is a McDonalds, Burger King, Etc….. There is even a with recipes. I think, based on their actions, They have an agenda. I am offering my services to the girls for free. All they have to do is ask. (The offer has expired.) I have to be honest though. Garnering 60-80 thousand fans in the overnight hours, every night. Does seem fishy. I’m NOT accusing anyone however All of a sudden America is going bat-crap for Crock pots? Buy Stock in Rival!!

And speaking of Rival (perfect name for this isn’t it?)… I’m sure their attorneys will be cracking the whip. It is a trademark for a slow cooker. I’ve done my diligence to respect their trademark and it may not be enough. It’s theirs.


Apparently one of the “Girls” has quit the trio. and started her own crock pot site. (We were given bad information about her starting her own gig.) Girls, you are really wasting your time with this. You should be speaking at Harvard about marketing. If this is real, Fortune 500 companies will pay you millions for your services.

Have fun with the recipes and meeting new friends! Life’s too short.
Throw the food in the crock pot and move along! 😉

– Gregg

PS. last I checked, was still available for purchase.
Maybe I should’ve gone with that one?

For the record…

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  1. posted by Miss on Sep 5, 2011

    Oops! Sorry, I read on down your page and saw you already posted the link I just commented with.

  2. posted by Miss on Sep 5, 2011

  3. posted by michelle on Sep 4, 2011

    what is allison’s new page? I am curious to see it.

  4. posted by Kate on Sep 4, 2011

    I’m just fascinated with this whole thing for some reason. I liked their page after seeing that one of my friends had… but since then it has never shown that particular friend as having Liked them. I hadn’t heard that Allyson started her own page… there seem to be several new ones out there all of the sudden. Which one is hers? It’s all rather fascinating. I’ve learned a lot about internet marketing while keeping up with all this.

  5. posted by Sarah Kimmel {Tech4Moms} on Sep 4, 2011

    Great post Gregg! Keep up the great work!

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