An Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg. (And a fix for you.)

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Houston!? Do we have a problem?

An Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg. (And a fix for you.)

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

We have some new friends that aren’t getting all of our tasty recipes posted to their wall or news feed. Are you only giving them the recipes that sound good to you or do you really know what they like? I am impressed. You seem to know a lot more about people than I originally thought. Please post all of our recipes and let our friends decide what they want to cook in their pot.

I thank you in advance.

– The Guys

If you aren’t getting all of our posts, please visit this easy tutorial. It’s about creating “Lists” with the new Facebook format. We posted this link before but I’m hearing more and more that some folks aren’t getting all of our recipes. We followed this tutorial and it is working perfectly for us and no more lost posts from our favorite pages. –

1 more thing, I found out that Sarah has been entered in a contest at for best Mom tech blog. I have used her blog and wanted to give her some good karma. Consider giving her a vote online at I know she’ll be over the moon about this. (she doesn’t know that I’m doing this but I’m sure she will soon find out) and I just think it would be kinda cool to show some love.

For the record…. we’ve only met her on CrockPotGuys facebook page. You can meet some nice folks there too.

We hope your pot is full. Cheers!
– The Guys

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