The 10 Commandments of Cooking with the Pot

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The 10 Commandments of Cooking with the Pot
(From the Crock Pot Guys)

01. Keep the balance.

Try to keep your pot about 2/3 full. Or try to keep the liquid portions around 2/3 of the height of the meat. The food might expand during cooking, so over-filling can be bad. If your pot is too empty, your meal may cook too quickly and burn. Check the portions of the recipe and use the correct sized pot.(see #9)

02. Thou shalt cloak the crock.

This time saving method of cooking can easily take away your time by cleaning burnt food off the sides of your pot. Give the bowl a quick spray and spend less time cleaning up. You may also look into using “liners” available at most grocery stores.

03. Thou shalt not flip thy lid.

Steam can burn you. If you must lift your lid, keep your face and hands away from the direct top of the crock pot. Lean the lid away from you as you lift it. Cook time may have to increase by 15 – 20 minutes each time you uncover the crock pot. Try not to flip your lid.

04. Get Down with the brown

Consider a quick browning or “searing” before placing the meat into the crock pot, especially with a large roast. This can help to ensure properly cooked meat. If you are minding your calories, you can use this to your advantage to drain away some of the fat. This is not the gospel of the crock pot, but it can help.

05. Trouble makers stir the crock pot.

You can cause problems with your meal if you stir the crock pot. You will release valuable heat and will require a longer cook time. (see #3) The meat will become “fall apart” tender and might become a mushy goo. Having said that, You might be cooking a soup, dip, stew or even a chili. If so, by all means, go ahead and stir the crock pot. Trouble maker.

06. Veggies are number 1.

Vegetables take a bit more time to cook than meats. Place them in the crock pot first and let them carry the weight of the meal. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t be a vegetable.

07. Don’t be a Cracked Pot.

Prepare your food, not the crock pot. While precooking your food to cook in the crock pot is great. (see #4) Preheating your pot can be a bad thing. Placing a frozen ingredient into a preheated pot can result in a cracked pot. Don’t be a cracked pot.

08. You can Delay the Dairy.

Depending on the recipe, dairy products (milk, cream, etc.) CAN curdle. It doesn’t mean they always will. You can wait until the last hour or so to add them. Most recipes will/should give you this little nugget of info. If it’s a brand new recipe and you don’t see any recommendations to the contrary, consider delaying the dairy.

09. Size Matters.

You can’t expect to place 10 chicken breasts into a 3qt pot. Well, maybe if you are going to throw it off the roof and make a cool youtube video. (Don’t do this.) Each recipe should indicate what size pot to use. If not, look at how much meat the recipe calls for and how much liquid it calls for and use your judgement as to which size to use. This can make the difference of meat being too dry or the meal being too runny. (See #10)

10. Get to Know Your Pot.

Your cooked meat should result in fall apart tender. This is kinda tricky because all pots aren’t created equal. Take a day where you can somewhat keep an eye on your cooker. Cook up a dish and check it after about 3 hours. If you want to get technical, use a meat thermometer and make sure the meat is at least 165º-170º and you’re safe. This way you’ll better know exactly how YOUR pot will cook these recipes. After doing this once or twice, you’ll be able to safely trust a recipe and make your own “adjustments” to have a great meal. Do this and you’ll most likely be saved from wasting time, food, and money.

11. Check your Chicken. Let the Stews Stew.

Ok, so there is 11 commandments. As our pot goes to 11, so do our commandments. Dried chicken is the worst. Check your chicken and let the stews stew.


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  1. posted by Renee Cotton Guichard on Oct 19, 2011

    You guys are so freaking funny… And you’re making me hungry.

    • posted by The Guys on Oct 19, 2011

      Too kind, too kind.

  2. posted by Marcella on Oct 8, 2011

    Such Valuable info, I am printing for my cookbook and will share to everyone of my fans. Great info, I love the humor and the truth. Great job, you guys are so dedicated!!!

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