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We want you to Rock Your Crock.

Well, guys cook too. We thought we needed representation and created Crock Pot Guys.

Here are our rules.

  1. Eat: Taste is subjective and we have a wide variety. Don’t over do it.
  2. Drink: Yes we enjoy our adult beverages. Moderation is the key.
  3. Laugh: This is paramount.
  4. Live: Cooking with the pot is a time saver. Throw it in the pot and go have a life.


There is more to the Crock-Pot® than chili and stew, although we can’t get enough of those recipes. We will be sharing our recipes for Crock-Pot® Cooking and sharing ideas from a guy’s point of view. We welcome your recipes and ideas for cooking as well.

We are very active on Facebook and we’re just having some fun!

Have fun with the recipes and meeting new friends!
Life’s too short. Throw the food in the pot and move along! 😉

– Gregg

And another thing…. If we deem you to be insane or completely lacking social graces, we don’t want to play with you. (This means don’t be rude or mean. We’re talking about recipes here….for a Crock-Pot® no less)

For the record…

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